pátek 4. listopadu 2011


Stoj! Zar ne vidiš znak? Znaj, može pojest' te mrak. Stoj! Sada gledaj na sat. Otkucava tvoj posljednji čas…

Partyline had start again, no chance to get off that train. No chance? Maybe just don´t want to. Doesn´t matter. It´s good to meet some people I´ve not seen for long time, or just chat to someone and don´t even know a name….. First night with Pire and jes-absinth definitely deleted my memory, second one spend with Pete and his friends destroyed my body, but the third session in company of Čápalchino, Jerzes and collective turns ma mind into amazement. I bet on one card for a blind and jump straight ahead on a parquet…. That Bosnian guys were playing with me like wind with yellow-blue jersey over the crowd. They want to try change something and even if they sing about politics, which almost means suicide for them, they don´t care… Nobody wants to stop them. Encore? they asked us, even they were tired…Encore! Encore!! answered the crowd...... Hold your wife a don´t stop with kissing her, don´t stop with drinking beers and don´t stop smoking ganja, don´t care you missed the train to your village, don´t…. Whatever, as they wish, just ready for afterparty!

All those feelings, all those clowns, but if even just few nice twists are messing around, why not to stay? We'll show them who's boss of big mouth! … It started in disco style, but another big surprise. Sets they were mixing were not so ordinary as you were waited for. Imagine Ray Charles soul turning into madness of Black eyed peas fans, Ringos With little help changing into disco of 80ties. Hendrix Watchtower squeezed by some horny fucking gansta nigga áR´n´Bí bitch. Too much confusion, you can't get no relief? Sex pistols are pretty, but if they were pushed off by some NYghetto gangsta? Turning Clash or Deep Purple onto platina blond barbie whore voice with bigger glasses than her brain. Nice sample of how to change water on smoke. Prodigy start fire, but no chance in confrotation with Blechtrommel or some old Kusturica film. Old Serbian harmonist against Eminem. Who is better? Will it be time of my life, or just dirty dancing with hot asses negro strumpets? At least it will make me comfortable, when I´ll be listenig to PatMats upgrade LP with more dubs than inda weed. Or just let blend Nirvana with Christina Aguilera and nothing will suprised you for second time. You think it must be some kind of conspiracy, whole world's a God damn conspiracy. But look anywhere long enough and you're gonna find a conspiracy. Man, whole life is a conspiracy!

Just kidding, it was real Molotov coctail, so similiar to the Balcan barrel full loaded with powder. So ask yourself one question: Will it also blow up? … If it´s not same as some bitcha, who will just blow you, I´ll bet you, it will! For sure!!!

Slash dot dash dot slash dot dash dot slash dot dash dot com dash dot slash dot dash dot com dot com dot com….

PS: Th 10.11. Budoár staré dámy on Favál, don´t miss it bastards!.... and sorry for my english, just trying....

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  1. že by asu azčal psát srozumitelně? ;-)

  2. to tezko:D, beztak je tohle prvni slohove cviceni a pak prijde anglicka dada smrst!

  3. Nonono English is good! Now it SHOULD be possible for me to understand your blog... :-) Greetings from the Netherlands!