pátek 15. dubna 2011

Adam Ondra vs Chuck Norris

Tak tyhle gejgle o Adámkovi z UKclimbing stojí za to. :D

* Chuck Norris can speak braille, but Adam Ondra can climb it.

* God wanted 10 days to create the world. Ondra gave him 6.

* Adam Ondra doesn't tick routes, routes tick Adam Ondra .

* When Spider Man met Adam Ondra, he decided to hang up his web and call it a day.

* Adam Ondra doesn't go to the mountain, the mountain goes to him.

* Adam Ondra can squeeze lime juice out of limestone.

* Adam Ondra does not sleep. He waits.

* Spiderman owns a pair of Adam Ondra pyjamas.

* Adam Ondra can tie his shoes with his feet.

* Most mortals gravity pulls 9.81 m/s but Adam Ondra only feels half of that on a bad day.

* Grades don't mean anything until roundhouse kicked by Adam Ondra.

* Adam Ondra's hair can sense danger. Adam Ondra doesn't get wet, he onsights 8c+.

* Adam Ondra once tried to fail on a route below f8c+, but he found it to be impossible.

* If at first you don't succeed; you are not Adam Ondra.

* Adam Ondra is bi-winning. Adam Ondra makes a mole hill out of a mountain.

* That noise wasn’t Adam Ondra power screaming, it was the rock.

* Adam Ondra pauses between redpoints to let the rock recover.

* Adam Ondra's training board consists of 50p pieces and matchsticks glued to a 45% overhang. * Adam Ondra defines difficulty by how many times he can lap something.

* Adam Ondra once spent a week climbing only south facing crags, but he had to stop because it was messing with the Earth's axis.

* Adam Ondra used to have a training board with real granite pinches and slopers, but they kept breaking.

*Andra Ondra is a black hole. He is gravity, holds teeter on the verge of his event horizon and disappear torn apart in his inexorable progress

*Adam Ondra wears a rope and harness simply so they can find him again.

* 'Multi pitch' to Adam Ondra is a type of roof design.

* For breakfast before an onsight, Adam Ondra eats a bag of gravel just to make things 'sporting'.

* Adam Ondra can delete the Recycling Bin.

* Adam Ondra underclings slopers.

* Adam Ondra stares down guidebooks until all the beta legs it.

* Adam Ondra one-hand campused Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven.

* Climbers fear injury, injury fears' Ondra.

3 komentáře:

  1. Můj den se stal ještě o něco veselejším :)
    Některý ty vtipy sou skoro tak dobrý jak Adam Ondra :)

  2. Co tě nezabije, to tě posílí. A co tě zabije, posílí Chucka Norrise!
    Mrkněte na náušnice s Walker Texas Rangerem!

  3. Adam Ondra
    Máš můj obdiv. Seš skalní šílenec, blázen, sportovec, computer v jednom. Přes hodinu jsem Tě sledoval naa videích. Úžasné. Dobře, že lezeš se zajištěním. máš nejlepší trenéry na světě - rodiče.